Obey me mammon fanart

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Obey me mammon fanart

Someone made a poll on Facebook I had to draw it. Before you comment, I know. Sometimes Lucy got 1st and Mammon got 2nd. Y'all serious want me to draw another one. I never thought many people will like my previous one. I love to play all shall we date otome sim dating games but obey me! I got addicted playing it. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

Grid View List View. Show more notes. OBEY ME obey me: one master to rule them all obey me shall we date shall we date obey me fanart obey me lucifer obey me mammon obey me leviathan obey me satan obey me asmodeus Obey me beelzebub obey me belphegor obey me diavolo obey me solomon obey me memes lucifer fanart mammon fanart leviathan fan satan fanart asmodeus fanart beelzebub fanart belphegor fanart obey me belphie.

Stay safe people! Mammon and his Maneki-neko. MC first day with demon brothers. Original i lost original link :. OBEY ME obey me swd obey me shall we date obey me mammon obey me fanart shall we date obey me masters obey me jp mammon fanart obey me memes. No, I was not ready. Thank you, king :.

Cinderella remake looks dope yo. I draw my 3 favourite boys. Satan, Levi and Mammon. Guess who went to horny jail. Summer Obey Me Sprites!

Feat: Diavolo.You get very different results depending on if you call him that in public or in private. Call him that in public and he will respond with the most intense eyebrow raise ever. However, if you call him that in private when the two of you are alone, he will let out an affectionate sigh, walk closer to you, and take your hand.

He will honestly be so happy and he gets butterflies in his stomach whenever you call him that. Give ya baby boy some affection will ya! You sure did. Though when you hug him he gets a bit more confidant. Hearing you say those words to him he puts the book he was reading down and an amused smile appears on his face. Where did you get the idea to call me that? When he hears you say it he wants to jump in your arms but he is a bit too enthusiastic and ends up tackling you to the ground.

You two end up cuddling on the floor since neither of you wants to get up.

obey me mammon fanart

So he decides to kiss you all over that adorable face of yours, to show you how happy you have made him. He quickly walks over to you and pulls you into a tight warm hug. I like it! When he stops hugging you he still has that wonderful smile on his face. He then offers you a bit of his food, by feeding it to you. Seeing you eat out of his hand makes his smile even brighter. A grin appears on his face as he moves closer to you. You happily fulfill his request and lay next to him, he quickly wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer to him.

You can hear him laugh as he places a quick kiss to the back of your head. He smiles to himself as you nestle yourself against him. So for tonight, you can sleep in the arms of your baby boy. Happy Birthday to this adorable tsundere, our first man- Mammon!!! Gotta say, Luke was the hardest to draw and took the most time. Devs please give us a Solomon reference.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. No Simp September but the demon brother failed miserably.

Show more notes. No, I was not ready. Thank you, king :. Guess who went to horny jail. Is his birthday…. Lucifer You get very different results depending on if you call him that in public or in private. Please call me that as much as you like! Let the Great Mammon handle this, human.T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. Find Obey Me gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways.

Sell your art.

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Obey Me Results. Tags: mammon, mammoney, mammon obey me, obey me, otome, otome game, chibi. Mammoney Sticker By zanyart. Tags: obey me, obey me shall we date, belphegor, beelzebub, obey me. Tags: lucifer, obey me lucifer, obey me, swd, shall we date, unicorn, demon, wings, horse, anime, manga, fanart, obey me masters. Tags: obey me, lucifer, shall we date obey me, otome game. Shall we date? Tags: obeyme, obeymeshallwedate, otome, otomegame, mammon, obeymemammon, mammonobeyme, anime, chibi.

Mammon Obey Me Sticker By paretyll. Tags: leviathan, leviathan obey me, obey me, otome, otome game, levi, levi obey me.


Leviathan nosebleed Sticker By zanyart. Tags: shall we date obey me, obey me, beel, beelzebub, otome game. Beelzebub Pin By SyazRock. Tags: beelzebub, beelzebub obey me, obey me, beel, chibi, otome, otome game. Beelzebub "Shy" Sticker By zanyart. Leviathan wow Sticker By zanyart. Tags: lucifer, obey me, obey me lucifer, swd, otome, game, dakimakura, character, demon, fanart, mens, sexy, smoking. Tags: obey me, shall we date, obey me game, obey me mammon, obey me lucifer, obey me leviathan, obey me levi, obey me asmodeus, obey me asmo, obey me satan, obey me beelzebub, obey me beel, obey me belphegor, obey me belphie.Belated Happy Birthday to my dearest little demon.

Beel - solid effort and an intense look, this demon either loves you or wants to eat you. Or both. Lucifer - surprisingly good??? An equal to Beel but with come-to-bed eyes. Belphie - lazy is his style, so he almost misses the heart completely.

But the smoulder! Bonus Diavolo - does not understand this at all, but he got the spirit! My entry for the Title screen contest on Twitter. Completely forgot there was a theme and just did my own thing LMAO. Party hats a Tumblr exclusive for the celebration theme. Mammon using his familiars to steal grimm like seagulls steal chips lives in my head rent free. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. No, I was not ready. Thank you, king :.

mammon fanart

Show more notes. I'm kidding he's not trash I love him mammon obey me om my art raphodraws I was trying to draw smth a bit more expressive again. Obey me lucifer Mammon levi leviathan Satan asmo asmodeus beel Beelzebub belphegor Belphie mc pick up line comic?

I would do the Undatables but I aint got pick lines for them :p. Mammon obey me obey me shall we date obey me mammon mc obey me MC. Obey me Comic Swd beelzebub beel Mammon levi leviathan lucifer.

Drop your high heels and come over here. Is his birthday….Mammon is the Avatar of Greed and is the second oldest of the seven demon brothers. He is one of the main characters in Obey Me!

One Master to Rule Them All that is involved in the intimacy system of the game; therefore, users can interact and raise their relationship with him.

Mammon is the fifth tallest of the seven demon brothers. He has white, messy hair, tanned skin, and blue and yellow gradient eyes. He has on gold stud earrings and two silver rings on his ring and pinky finger.

obey me mammon fanart

Like the demon brothers, he wears nail polish that comes with the color of white. True to his title of 'Avatar of Greed', Mammon is naturally greedy and is always seeking out opportunities to profit.

Although he is the second eldest, he acts immaturely, whining and pouting when he doesn't get his way and is the biggest troublemaker of their family.

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He is egotistic and prideful, though it seems that it is only a facade to cover up his soft nature. Despite his rashness and seeming inability to use his brain, Mammon is surprisingly sensitive to changes and is highly empathetic. On multiple occasions, he is shown worrying over and caring about MC, and as soon as he's confronted about it, he's in denial typical tsundere.

Mammon, without his consent, was the demon assigned by Lucifer to look after MC during their stay in the Devildom. Mammon pleaded with Leviathan to give him more time. One way or another, Mammon escapes the situation and runs away before Leviathan can further hound him. However, to form the pact, Leviathan claims that MC will have to have a bargaining chip, something that Mammon would do anything to get his hands on. In this case, it is Mammon's treasured credit card that Lucifer previously confiscated.

After successfully obtaining the credit card from the kitchen fridge, Mammon happens upon Leviathan and MC defrosting the card in the microwave. Mammon immediately begs for them to stop microwaving the card and give it back to him. Leviathan states that in order for them to give back the card, Mammon will first have to make a pact with MC. Mammon, at first, refuses, but when threatened with Lucifer 's name, hastily agrees to Leviathan's terms and officially makes a pact with MC.

After finding out about the incident, the other demon brothers tease and poke fun at Mammon over breakfast, calling him a 'sorry excuse for a demon'. The morning after, MC tries to get past Lucifer and explore what's up the stairs, Mammon strikes up a conversation over breakfast, complaining about the fact that he's not allowed to eat MC. Mammon refuses to tell MC any more about the stairs - until he is accused of being scared of Lucifer. Finally, he cracks and informs MC of how to distract Luciferwhich requires a vinyl edition copy of the soundtrack from the Tale of the Seven Lordscurrently in Leviathan 's possession.

MC then requests for Mammon to help, and he is forced to oblige.

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They go straight to Leviathan's room to ask him to lend them the soundtrack. They are promptly denied entry to Leviathan 's room, as he refuses to do them any favors.Obey me! Fanart Masterlist. Nsfw Masterlist. My demon family - birthday party. You eat something deadly to demons but harmless to humans.

Solomon is your best friend. You are stronger then the brothers. The brothers reacting to you crying.

obey me mammon fanart

The undateables see you cry. The brothers reactions when you enjoy to run and jump on their back. Keeping a secret from you. You threaten to call the police. Brothers reacting your bestfriend. You accidentally kiss Mammon. Solomon and reader on a date. You accidentally punch the brothers on reflex. You accidentally kiss Levi.

Binuntis ang anak

Would the brothers ever baby MC? The undateables having a nightmare of killing you. Solomon is falling for a you. Dress up with Asmo. The brothers falling asleep on you. You take your anger out on a punching bag. The undateable guys when they have a crush. Eating ice-cream with the boys. The reader is a toddler.

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You grow animals ears and a tail. Anime recommendations for the obey me crew. How they would sit on the couch. Fairy regrows wings ft. Satan, Simeon and Barbatos. With a famous model. You and the demon brothers spend an entire day in bed.I have nothing but praise and the highest recommendation for them.

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Obey me Mammon

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obey me mammon fanart

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Mammon/Surprise Guest

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